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News from the Turkish Foreign Ministry

Press Release Regarding The Activities Held In Greece , 21.05.2009

The Greek Parliament declared “19 May” as so-called “Pontian Greek Genocide Commemoration Day” by a bill adopted on  24 February 1994.  This act,  which defames our country and in particular Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, provides a ground for the hostile campaigns of the various  circles harbouring a distorted understanding of history and is moving along  a course which deteriorates the climate of frienship and confidence, strived to be built  between Turkish and Greek peoples.

Participation of the Government representatives in the activities held, along with  the members of the Parliament, political party representatives and local  officials as well as the speeches made by the officials during the  activities,  indeed reveal  the support behind these baseless claims against our country.
We condemn this unwise attitude, based on a distorted perception of history  against our country and invite the supporters of this allegation to face historical realities. 

On this occasion, we would like to recall the cruelty and atrocities carried out by Greece in Anatolia during our War of  Independence  and  in this context Article 59 of the Lausanne Peace Treaty,  which stipulates that “Greece recognizes her obligation to make reperation for the damage caused in Anatolia by the acts of the Greek army or administration which were contrary to the laws of war”.