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Press Release Regarding The Rocket Which Hit The Turkish Provincial Reconstruction Team Building In Wardak , 10.08.2010

Today (10 August) in the evening hours, one of the rockets, which is understood to have been launched against another target by the Opposing Militant Forces, hit the roof of the Turkish Provincial Reconstruction Team building in Wardak. The incident, which did not result in loss of life nor injury, caused slight damage on the building of the Wardak Provincial Reconstruction Team. The work to repair the damage will start at once.

The Turkish Provincial Reconstruction Team in Wardak, that was inaugurated on 12 November 2006, has earned the appreciation and support of the local people and the Afghan authorities due to its successful efforts. The work of the Provincial Reconstruction Team which puts particular emphasis on the priorities and needs of the friendly and fraternal Afghan people will continue unabatedly in the time ahead irrespective of this individual incident.